Friday, February 29, 2008

Troubled Mind

Mind is extremely troubled!!! That's why I wanted to post something here to channel out all my negative energy. Tomorrow will be the day where an extremely difficult decisions have to be made. Like an old saying, "to Give or not to Give". Sigh. Some part of me wanted to stay, I guessed it's because now am already in the comfort zone whereby am so called protected and spoilt. But the thing is, the offer over there is really tempting! Taking into consideration, if I were to take up the offer, it will be a whole new challenge for me. Am really not sure whether am I capable enough to handle the situation. Am I thinking too much? Oh well, I shall put this aside. End of the day, am still the happy-go-lucky jovial Edz.

Hopefully my up-coming trip will clear up my mind. 2 more days and am off to the land of smiles. This time round, I must make sure to pray in front of the four faced Buddha. I will put my faith to the Buddha. This will be an exciting trip cos this is a really short trip and we have to make full use of the time. There will also be lots of fun as I forsee. It's just round the corner. Just 2 more days ............................... ^_^

Monday, February 18, 2008

Am going home

Finally, it's time for me to go home to see my mum. Even though it will be a very tiring and short trip, but I will still go as I haven't seen my mum for like almost a year!!!! I know, I might sound like an a**hole for not going back to see my very own mum, but again, it's just that I had found my new home town. Ha Ha Ha, for those who knows me will definitely know where is my new found home town.

It will only be 3 nights, that is from 18th till 20th Feb. Will make full use of the time to celebrate belated Chinese New Year with her as well as my Grandma and certain relatives, and I really mean certain only! I just don't want to listen to the same old craps like "when are you getting married?", "why never bring your girlfriend home?", "it's time for you to give and not receiving angpows anymore" and stuffs like that, going on and on and on and on ............... WTF !!!

Really looking forward to going home and of course my upcoming 2nd hometown trip in March .... heheheh ^_^