Friday, August 31, 2007

Sucked Dry

Been a long long 2 days ... all my energy had been sucked dry, yesterday was the oscars chalet at pasir ris. Basically 1/2 of the oscarians were there, i mean those kakis!!! And yesterday, am morning shift and after work ... straightaway head down to the chalet. Decided to take the train, WOW, imagine travelling with a bunch of hyperactive not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman siao char bohs (total about 13 of us), like we owned the train like that, BISINGnyer!!!! We were all talking and laughing and bitching and gossipping so loudly and it should be really annoying and irritating, but who cares, as long as we were enjoying ourself {sorry to those who were in the train, what to do, just endure lah}.

We drank like nobodies business, being in the F&B line, of course we got what like 7-11's slogan ... "It's a store and more" ... basically we got all sorts of liquers, wines and even Sangria and J├Ągermeister!!! And here is what the pro-but-idiotic people do, gulping everything down without even thinking what will be the results. I can tell you whats the result, one word, DRUNK lor!!! hahahah ...

First to go ... Mr. Ivan, before 9pm, vomit and sleep liaozzz. But throughout the night, manage to get a few good and memorable shots before ending the day.

Ang Moh drink by the bottle The red tomato head Sure got 'mosquito bite' one !!! Me and Pei SeeMe and Siti, she is leaving us soon :'(Flower among the thorns ^_^
Don't envy hor ....

Surprisingly it's Ida's birthday and Siti's farewell as well!!! Good luck to both of them especially Siti. Will definitely miss her so damn much. Tried my best to 'sai ko' her to join full time but negative response :(

Here are some more pictures :
Top (L-R) : Robert & Rainer
Btm (L-R) : Edz, Iz & Siti

The 2 beautiful stwd aunties Yoke Chan & Ah Leang

Today: Checked put alone, have to tidy up the whole place so that wont be charged extra. Raining again ... sigh. Had to rush to work after that, and thanks to COMEX event at suntec, traffic jam, am late, AGAIN!

Been thru a lot of s**t today, might be because not enuff 'koonz', cant really concentrate. And finally came good old 11 o'clock, time to go off. But dont really feel like going home, went to supper with Grant at Spize. Great place for good and reasonable price food. Highly recommended! Bumped into Tang Lin, she was having supper there as well.

Thats what i can summarize for this 2 long exciting days. Till next time, chiao ...............

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rainy Day

Today should be a wonderful day as i hope it would be but it turns out ... dont mention about it :(

First of all it rains like dog s**t, expect a busy b'fast and lunch ... alas ... turns out to be slow due to the rain ... everyone around me seems moody. Before i rush to carrefour to settle some last minute shopping for the chalet, guess what i found in the hotel ... a whole slab of marble from the wall (somewhere around FCC and oscars terrace) just fell off!!! Can u imagine ... when i alerted the whole world (errrr, big shots in the hotel lah) they all became so 'gun jiong'. At a spilt of a second, the thought of how save can it be in a building! But nevermind that, anyway its not up to me to decide how to deal with it, as what people say, am jus a small potato ... hahaha

Back to the chalet thingy, *sianzzzzz* ... no kakis around ... DIEW !!! After settle everything, i decided to go home lor, its better to stick with my computer and play my new found game called "Sally Salon", a pretty good game though.

Better sleep early cos tomorrow will be a better day (hopefully) at the chalet cos got the kakis that i want ... hehehe ... maybe some thing will happen after the chalet (again ... hopefully). Must pray hard hard tonight!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome to a "New Start"

Hmmm .... after all the hassle, finally am able to blog again, HURRAY~!!! But on the other hand, sharing dairies on the net and is viewable to everyone seems like a funny thing, who cares ... its the IN thing now. And again hopefully this time round, am able to keep this keen spirit of blogging longer ... at least till end of this year *finger crossed*

Am still trying to explore new stuff to enhance this blog thingy, by chance if you guys out there have any tips and tricks, do teach me pls ... am a newbie or some people prefer to call me a NOOB! Never mind lah ... its a matter of getting used to it.

Well .... what should I share in this first page ... let me see ... errrrrrr ... *brain freezed liao*, aha ... I know what ... let me talk about this funny day off of mine and by the way ... its today lor!

Need to buy stuffs for the upcoming chalet, went to Carrefour to buy chickens, see i used plural and that means not only 1 chicken but many many chicken! HAHAHA ..... quite funny when I see the poor girl at the cashier 'tit'-ing all the frozen packs of chicken. Her hand confirm numb lor ... hehehe. After that, just dump everthing to the chefs to prepare ... well ... thats their job what, dont expect me to prepare lor ...

Then head down to this japanese restaurant called Ichidan Boshi @ great world city with Elbert and Ah Boy, purposely chose that so that after the dinner can just walk home, no need to take cab *smart ass*. Had so much food until full full full ........... U guyz should try it out cos really nice and cheap lor, everything is jus 1.90 and compare to Sakae, here got more variations. Lyly joined us slightly later and when she finally arrived, her face like f**k sia ..... Keep on complaning bout her new workplace ... and wanted to quit ... sigh ... cant help her much ... its her choice, so
'bo bian' lar ...

OK OK ... a bit cheong hei liaoz for first page ... got to go shower and 'koon' or else tomorrow will look like a freaking ZOMBIE!

Bubbaizzzz and stay tuned for more upcoming news (most probably chalet news, see who get hooked with who, hopefully its MOI!)