Thursday, April 24, 2008


Am back from my trip, ahhhhh ... Songkran, heard a lot bout it and finally got the chance to experienced it. It's fun and I was extremely impressed by their culture. Their celebration really means CELEBRATION!!! I thought splashing water and dancing on the street is only meant for youngster but I was wrong, even uncles and aunties do that. They really let down their hair and went for it. It was so happening and to some extend it became quite irritating. I don't mind getting wet and all dirty in the day but when night comes, when we dress nice nice for playground, next thing .... SPLASH ~~~~ all wet!!! I know splashing of water is meant to be blessed but when you're all dressed up ... sigh ... Anyway, I did enjoyed it (but this trip seems a bit short, time really flies!!)

Went to karaoke this trip at JukeBox in Pattaya. Had a lot of fun there. Hmmm ... the following MTV does bring a lot of laughter that night. And it is a very good song .....

I think the next trip, we should plan for karaoke again. *_* Hopefully next trip will come sooner than I expect.

The following is a 3 part MTV which is extremely nice. The song is sooooooo good and the video is excellent. Enjoy ............

Part 1 ~ Khon Mai Gap Reur - Baowie

Part 2 ~ Piang Song Rao - Bew Kalayanee

Part 3 ~ Korb Koon Tee Ruk Gun - Luangkai

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Overspent !!!

1 more day and am off to celebrate Songkran in Pattaya! With this trip, am overly spent this month. Bought myself a new computer table from Ikea which costs about $200 last 2 week and today bought a new luggage bag which is another $200. Sigh...

Planned to have my 1st tattoo done this month as well but ftee will not be doing it, so might need to cancel the idea. But, I might get it done in Thailand. Just endure 1 more day and Pattaya ... here we come ........ ^o*
My new work/gaming station
White webbed design luggage bag

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tai-Tai kinda life for a day

It was an unexpected tai-tai feeling kinda day! To start off, meet up with a bunch of good old friends for lunch at Ayam Peyet Ria at Lucky Plaza. The place was so crowded and we had to queue in order to get a seat. After the lunch, went to Canele @ Paragon for coffee and desserts. Jasmine was working there so got some discount lah. They serve very good cakes! It's a MUST try. Had a lot of laugh there with Ly, Boy, Mery and Ivan.

After the dessert session, planned to have bird's nest at this cafe which I read before from a magazine, but in the end, we were to full, so gave it a miss. All of them are so kind that they accompany me to look for a luggage bag which I wanted to buy for quite some time already. Went to a few mall, hmmm ... let me list it out, John Little, OG, Plaza Singapura, Isetan as well as DFS! In the end, didn't buy any cause it's either not the one that I had in mind or the price is just not right. I have a budget you see. Cannot afford to overspend cause my upcoming hometown trip is just round the corner.

Later in the evening, group was joined by Matt, ET, Jieun and Angeline. All 9 of us had dinner at La Strada. Had a lot of fun throughout the entire dinner. I shared my meal with Jieun so that both of us will have more food to sample. Below is the food that we had.

Minestrone Soup - $15.00

Pasta Carbonara with Egg Confit - $34.00

Linguini Marinara - $37.00 (HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!!)

After the dinner, had the pleasure to visit Les Amis, up close and personal leaded by Matt and Boy! They really have a very big walk-in wine chiller! A very exquisite place indeed. Before calling a day, we all head over to Balcony @ Heeren for a drink. A tiring day and had overspended but well worth it cos we don't meet up that much nowadays. Am tired now, must get some sleep soon or else am dead tomorrow. Nite nite!

Les Amis
Main dining area inside Les Amis

Jieun - $???

The 9 of us !!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Info Overload

Am struggling at the moment! Too much info is being injected to me at the same time. Info OVERLOAD!!! Too much people to meet as well ... Hopefully will be able to get pass this soon or else need to seek opportunity which will be my very last alternative. It is a very good opportunity for me to prove to myself of my capabilities in dealing with extreme stress!

Wish me luck!