Monday, December 10, 2007

Home Sweet Home ...

Well, finally settled everything in my new house. Definitely a smaller and more expensive lot yet quite cosy to live in. No complaints about it! This is the 3rd apartment that I had stayed in Kim Tian Road. Everywhere seems so familiar. Too bad, Ah Boy is not living here anymore or else am going to bug on him every now and then! Hahaha.

Coincidentally, my new found neighbour is an old colleague of mine. Same block, same floor but just 2 units away. Haiz ... at least got one more friend in the neighbourhood.

Another thing, Christmas is coming .. that means, a lot of shopping need to be done. Bestest thing is, am totally broke! Where am I going to get the money to buy the presents??? And yet, I still owe a present for a good old buddy of mine, which will defintely cost a BOMB! I had promised to buy him that 'gift'. I will do it, but it's just a matter of time. Trust me ... just wait and see. Got an early Christmas gift from 'travel kaki', really LOVED it, thanks for the kind gesture. Really appreciated it. Had been using it already and it really brings out a whole lot of meaning to life!!! Now, had to crack head already to think of something to reciprocate the kind gesture. Sei larrrrrrrrr ......... many many things to buy larrrrrrr ....!!!!!

Nevermind, will not think about it. I always believe that, 'when the boat reaches the bridge, the bridge will become straight', hahaha, something like that lar.

This coming weekend, will be meeting up with Uncle Charles and Auntie Maggie together with my cousins, Candice and Jesse from Australia. Looking forward to that. Haven't seen them like almost 3 years.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

iPod Touch

Am felling very very excited and yet tired at the moment. Been doing a lot of packing !!!! The fact is that we will be moving out soon, to a new home. And the best thing ... I'll be moving back to Tiong Bahru. It does give a 'balik kampung' feel considering I had been living there for quite a number of years.

On a seperate issue, am waiting for my new iPod Touch to arrive. Furthermore, got it for FREE!!! Am so excited about that. My first multi-touch interface gadget!!! Can't really wait to play with it!!!

OK ... need continue my packing already. Cya ....................................

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

True Story ... more exciting than the TVB drama

Received an email from a friend, a 3 part email to be exact which describe an incident which he encountered. Am going to cut and paste it here for your reading pleasure. (This is a long one, read it only when you have time, but at the end of it, I was actually laughing, believe me ... I was really laughing)

Email number 1 - Title : Drama at Taman Melawati
so where should i start ..hmm oh yes ...well some of you may have know this and some of you may not, so i ll start this all the way back 2 weeks ago ..... and the story goes ;
2 weeks ago .... well it was a tuesday and i was on my way to puchong to play badminton, so in the middle of federal high i got a call from mom , she says
mom- boy there is something in the storeroom
me- well is it a human ?
mom- no but it s moving , i can hear the plastic sound crumple coming from inside the storeroom
me - well throw the cat in there, if the cat die then call the the police, if the cat survive then it s probably a rat or frog.
mom- but boy it s moving!
me- ofcourse it s moving !! otherwise it s dead and you won t be calling me ....bye.
mom- when you come back can you go in the storeroom and see what is it ?
me- kk.... bye (conversation ended)
so the night went by with the game, and yum cha after that with me ass usual having my porridge and deep fried 'fu pei' hehe. Reach home about 1 am .. was dead tired already, so i unpack and all that, bath , was in front of the computer after that , then i was too lazy to go down to check the storeroom. Ahh what the
f#@k just open the storeroom door la just to let her know that i did 'check' otherwise next morning sure got alot of things to say one. Went down went into the storeroom, switch on the light, looked around and there was nothing there but my cat curling around my leg, he did not enter the storeroom, and so i threw him and lock the door ..haha scapegoat ....and i went back to sleep ... that was about 4.40 am in the morning, mom woke up and say what am i doing, i said i out the cat in the storeroom and see how la. She open the door and let the cat out, now this i do not know.

2 weeks later (sunday 25th nov 2007) Nash came down to kl from singapore and we watch hitman ( was good) went yum cha after a day at KL i send him to his appartment to unpack and rest and i went home to shower before meeting him and boon wei up again for dinner. I reached home, as usual open the door and my bloody cat would come and curl around my leg all the way from the front door till the kitchen and he will not stop doing it until i give him food. However today was different, he was curling and curling all the was from the front door till just about when i reach the kitchen door he stop with an emergency break, refuse to enter the kitchen, so i was thinking ' what frog arr?'.... he begin to make that 'hisssing' sound, you know that sound when cats are angry, now what supprised me was that 'hissing' sound was 'replyed' with and even louder hissing sound which was something like 'HHISSSJKLGHSKDHK' !!! my cat kept quiet.

Now at first thought it sounded like a wild cat, or some of you may know it as jungle cat, and i have had encounter with jungle cat before, they are slightly bigger in size with bigger paw, in general built to kill. Naturally your normal street cat would not stand a chance should the wild cat decide to attack. Then i, again use the comando 'a la hitler' style of doing things, threw my cat in the kitchen because i want to see what he sees. As soon as he lands, he did not took his eyes off the bottom of the fridge, so i know whatever it was, it was there. So i was thinking well it must me a cub since it can fit under the fridge..hmm must have strayed from it s mother, anyway that hissing that came from it was alittle 'immature' (or so i thought )

Now cat being cat they are affraid of sound, loud sound, so if you use a stick and hit against a metal bin or your kitchen cabinet, it will come out, better still hit it against the place they are hiding. Hmmm strange it did not come out .... oh well what the
F#@k , So me being me, heroic and all that took a bloody rotan which was about 50cm ( slightly longer than your typical long ruler ) shoved it under the fridge and started to wack it around. What !!! nothing came out ... and seriously i don t thing i hit anything !!! now that s strange.... so i stood there looking at the bottom of the fridge wondering .. what or where is it ???? i turn my head backwards looking at the floor thinking it may have ran like very fast to another corner or something. when i turn back .... believe me, i have seen alot of fierce animal but this is different this is life or death.!!! at the corner of the wall he came out directly went towards me and raise it s head and his side flap open up , it was a FU$#*NG COBRA, estimated at slightly over a meter with pearl balck skin ( very beautiful actually)

So, to all my friends and family please call me at 012-6669236 for yum cha apointment and to hear the coutinuation of the story, but since i am typing this, it means i am still alive so yyou may or may not be interested.

Email number 2 - Title : Drama Part 2
due to the overwhelming demand with people calling from half way across the globe (singapore) i hereby present to you the 2nd part of this story and some even calling me and telling me it s more dramatic then TVB series .. =)

General knowledge about snakes. and yes this is MY knowledge not taken from national geography channel.
No 1 - when a snake gives you that hissing sound it means he feels threaten, or you could be near his nest or you could be with another animal that could post a potential threat to the snake. In short he s asking you to
No2 - when a snake stand up, it is an attack possition, this is a very dangerous sign because snakes are know to leap 5 meters from their position should they see fit to kill.
No 3 - once bitten by a cobra, it s venom will paralized the entire limp part of which is effected example if you are bitten in the left foot, which is common among kampung people and people working in the padi field your entire left leg will be paralized in under 30 sec. and in under 10 minutes depending on individual your entire body will be paralized. You are not dead at this point, you need an anti venom injected to you in the next 20 min (also depending on individual), failing to do you, you will die. In other words a cobra eats it rodent alive !
No 4 - snakes are blind, that gives them an advantage over their prey, you know why? because size in this case does not matter. you can be a cat you can be an elephant standing next to a snake but if he feels threaten enough to kill, he will strike no mater who you are. I also once read an atricle saying " a cobra can eat anything of it s scale, but it s venom can kill anything of any scale"


so there i was standing there with the cobra ...umm well ironiclly he s also standing, i was about 1.5 meters away from the snake. sooooooo what samo i jump to the side, you imagine chow you fat jumping to the side shooting villiant with two guns bang bang bang , aa something like that only without the gun. I looked back, he glided to a hole, a kitchen hole , umm i don t know what you call it exactly but there s this hole by the kithen cabinet. I have always thought that, that was a drainage hole, you knoew the kind of hole for you to push the water out from the kitchen when you watch the floor.

Anyway so there i was sitting on a chair looking on that hole because; remember this people it is very important to NOT take your eyes off wherever the snake went, you won t know if would return, they usually come and go from the same way. While waiting for mom to come home i called the Civil defence already to also waiting, ... waiting ..... waiting ..looking ...looking ....... C%#AI like gong gong like that. The thing is i am not sure if the snake is still there or it may have left thru that drainage hole and maybe go into someone s else house. but whatever it is i still need to keep my eyes on that damm hole. So mom came back, was thinking ahh the snake is not there anymore la, so i ask her to keep a look out on that hole while i bath and all that, she bath earlier on. After my shower i came down, out of curiosity i ask my mom...
me - mom, that hole arr leads no the longkang at the back of the house one arr?
mom- no la
me - then where does that hole leads to cause maybe need to open the back door when the civil defence people come.
mom - that hole doed not lead to anywhere .
me - huh ???

mom- it s just a hole
me- what do you mean it s just a hole!!! why is that a hole there?
mom- dunno it s been there ever since.
me- so it s just a dead end hole la!
mom - yes
me (in my heart )- nia ma ka chou%$#$%# &%$*&%#$*%^#$*^#$*$%*&%$*%&$*^#$^*^%#$*^%$*^%$*&%$*&^%&^%&^$%%&*$^*%#$#$&%^)(&*_(& why is there a hole in the kitchen for 29 years that does not lead to anywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TIUUU(^$#(&$#)*&$*)

So if you read part 1 up to here you will know that
I have been living with the cobra for 2 weeks ( maybe more )
I am still alive after living with the cobra for 2 weeks ( maybe more )
I know now that there is a hole in the kitchen that does not lead to anywhere
I know now that the cobra is still in there!
stay tune for the finale of this drama, find out will shammah live (obviously )and discover mom s evil side and if you notice the civil defence is still not here..!!! what the
F#@K man.

Comment from Chi Too:
just a few corrections... to de-hero-fy the situation. leave it to adocumentary filmmaker to kill the drama in TVB type things.muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
fact number 2 - a cobras effective striking distance is only 2/3 it'slength... in this case, your cobra, being only about 1m in length canonly strike probably 70 cm at most. For a cobra to strike 5 metersit'll have to be a 7.5 meter son of a bitch. Fortunately for us, thelongest cobra in record is only about 5.8 meter.
fact number 4 - cobras are not blind. in fact they can see very wellin the dark.
additional fact - slightly less than 50 percent of cobra bites onhumans are not venomous. this means they can shoot blanks. the venomcan actually run out, and usually for something as big as say anelephant, or say a human, it'll probably shoot a blank just as awarning since there's no way the little fella can swallow it. Thoughit won't kill you, a blank shot will still hurt like a bitch.

Counter Comment from Shammah:
nop you need to get your facts right not me
counter fact no 2 - what you say is what you have read in books or maybe too much tv you bloddy potato couch Ci$#i.You so so have not seen a cobra leap have you ?... well i live in a god damm jungle you live in cheras, do not argue with me Fu$#er. I have seen them leap and believe me it more that 70 cm god damm you.
counter fact no 4 - i think you need to get your fact right chee, all snakes are blind. You need to re-enroll into you environmental class i'll give you a clue... do you know why they stick their tongue out ?
counter additional fact - Yes it so so true that about 50% of the bites are non-venomous strike, ok la nextime you catch it for me, you ll have a 50/50 percent chance of living or dieing, better than putting your money on a gambling table right ?

Email number 3 - Title : Drama Part 3 Finale
ok so after that scouble with my stupid cousin lets end this. Oh let me flame this F%$#er first.he called me just now asking me how did i get rid of the cobra. Well chi as much as you want me to die, i think it s going to be very naive if you think i m going to deal with the damm cobra. Ci $%$i you got bomba got pertahanan awam got zoo negara which is 5 minutes away from my house ... call la ... tiu anyway he s right on one point and only one wiich is snakes are not blind .. they are deaf. don t worry nextime i ll call you instead, since only 50% on the time their bite are venomous.

continue ....

so after 45 minutes the jabatan pertahanan awam came ( civil defence ) there was this 5 guys that came into the house, all very well built considering that i was expecting 5 fat blob to show up this is a good sign.... or so i thought .... i showed them the hole and they ask me is it still in there? i said that is a dead end hole... he gave me a look .... i was thinking exactly .... so 1 guy squat next to the hole with glove, now those fire resistant glove, should he be bitten, it s still going to be bad, i did t say anything because i wanted the job done .. anyway .... 1 guy squat about 1 meter away from the hole and holding an extended penyepit ( dunno what is it in english) and the other one standing up holding the long stick with the string loop like thingy just out side the hole. so the objective was to disturb the snake so that it will come out of that hole, and as soon as he comes out the guy with the loop thingy will pull the leaver and thighten the cobra's neck ...aiya somewhere near the head la .. so that the guy with glove can catch it.

Attemp 1 : so this fellow was poking the long stick in to the hole, nexthing you know .... HHHISSSSIDYTSIY .. and all of them was like .. ' wa garang ni' (it s very fierce).. so continue poking then as soon as his head came out the guy pull the loop ... got it ! .. nop the snake manage to retract it head and he went back in to the hole.

Attemp 2 : Refer attemp 1

Attemp 3 : Refer attemp 1 & 2

Attemp 4 : well after the same old shit happening, i begine to realise that actually the way they work also quite 'chicken hand duck leg' . i an sure i can handle those equipment batter.

Attemp 5 : GOT IT !!!!!! except this time instead of retracting it s head ... the damm cobra actually moved forward towards the guy with the glove nead the hole and was trying to attack, the guy with the loop had to twist the rod like 2x before the cobra stop, by the time that happen the loop was already at slightly more that half the body of the snake, the guy jump back knock into the fridge behind and was brave enough to step on the cobra upper body before holding its head. Once that is done the situation was consider cleared.
civil guy ask me
civil - dik dik ada guni tak
me - hah .. guni ?.. mom!!!! got guni sack or not ...( i know it was stupid to ask but just had to )
mom - don t have la, the snake catch already arr?? (sound from the 2nd floor of the house)
me - yes .. (shout)
** mom ** came down
mom- mana dia mana dia .... eeewwwwww ... BUNUH DIA BUNUH DIA CEPAT!!!!!!!!!
me - beg plastic boleh ka bang
civil - tak boleh la tak kuat ...
me- habis macam mana ?
civil 2 - tak apa kita letak 2 ular dalam kereta dalam satu beg pas tu yang ni kita pakai beg lain
me - oh ada ular lagi ke dalam van ?
cival - itu ular sawa takpe.. ular senduk (cobra) tak boleh .. nanti lawan ..
me - CAN YOU SHUT UP>>!!!!!!

so we thank them for the job well done, we also tip them 50 ringgit ... they pack up the snake and left. then i went for dinner with the gang .

P.S there is more to that conversation. i am too lazy to type already la... please call me to make yum cha arangement fo more details.

I hope that you guys had actually enjoyed reading this as much as I did. Well ... this is in fact happened to one of my good friend. ^^

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Great Loss

Today was my buddy's last day at work. Its been almost 2 years (634 days to be exact) that we had known each other. Time really flies!!! There are of course good and bad times within this period of time, of course I will cherish every moment of it.

He had been an extremely good colleague as well as a friend. Still remember the first day that I rejoined Oscars. I was attached to him at the runner station. No doubt he is the best buddy now cause this guy really knows how to coach a new staff. I really have faith in him in whatever he do. Somehow or rather, there are times that I felt that this guy is really amazing. He knows what he wants and will fight for it. How I wish I was like that. He also had the brain of an elephant. This guy can sure remember things ... be it good or bad.

Thinking back, we all know what and who makes him leave the s**thole. I truly understand how he felt if he were to drag on any longer. That's why, I hoped that he will just move on and leave, but again, deep down in me, I felt a sudden loss. Not just any loss, but a huge one. OMG! S**thole will never be the same again without him. Who is there to listen to my highlights of my Thailand trip? Who is there to gossip with me? Who is there for me to bully? Who is there to "kio" my "sai"? Sigh. He was like the big brother of Oscars. Everyone was so looking up on him.

They were having a farewell cum mega-gathering tonight at Oscars. Too bad, can't join as am on duty. I was so shocked when out of a sudden, the whole bunch gathered around and sang "Happy Farewell" ~~~ in happy birthday tune. The sound was shattering!!! They were suddenly in the center of the limelight! All other guests were clapping and cheering after the song. I felt so happy yet sad for that knowing that this will be his last day.

Anyway, Boy .... all the best to you. Remember this, if in future that you need any of my assistance, just give me a shout ... OK. Good Luck! Chun Kid Teung Ter


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Learn some Cantonese here ----->

Been a busy day today! Unexpectedly! After reading a friend's blog, I smelled de javu! If I were to be given a M-16, confirmed plus 30 days money back guarranty, I will kill all of you! YES ... I mean those who were highly paid and yet produce s**t. Cummon ... they should come up with solutions, not asking for solutions .... right? Feel like telling them, "why don't you just quit!", but the fact is ... I can't. To top that up, I am in a 'charity' organisation, which means, I can't "FIRE" them but have to show concern to them ... bluek --- *pui pui pui* Enough is enough, the next time they step on my lovely tail again, I will not only DIEW them, but to DIEW them 'gau gau'. Really like Karam Singh's cousin .... DIEW NIA SING !!!! Let them have a piece of what I had been through.

Almost towards the end of my shift, got a call from all the big shots, stating that they wanted to have supper here. I was like, HUM GAR LING lor .... they got no where else to go issit? Confirm it will make my night miserable. And really lor .... they want this and that ... and this and that ... DIEW !!!! Those POOK KAI is really over lor .... can ask the chef to sit down with them and teach the chef how to cook ... their way. So ridiculous! And the bestest thing is, we all just need to smile and acknowledged it. Either way, we are doomed! If we follow their instructions, when finally the product comes out their way and taste good, all the credits goes to them (just because they taught us), but if the product turns out sucks, OMFG, it will not be their fault, IT will be our god damn fault for not understanding what they really need. Sigh.

Anyway, it will be a SOSDAD (same old shit, day after day) thingy. Neverending! Looking forward to leave this S**THOLE, once and for all.

p/s: Am actually OK, just feel like releasing some stress.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I Need $$$$$ ^^

Am back to work already ... really missed the wonderful dayz and partying at Pattaya. Over spent on this trip ... gosh ... am back to reality, I am still in the midst of searching for a new house to move in. Craps ... everywhere seems so expensive now. Really can't afford it. Well, f**k it, let the agent do the head cracking :p

On another issue, am still thinking of what 'travel kaki' told me. He asked me to join him for another trip in January. It should be really fun cos a few of his kakis will be there as well. In my heart was like, what the heck, just go lah !!! Just have fun cos I definitely need it !!! But financially, it restricted me. But still, I told my superior today that I would like to take leave on January. So, in the mean time, let me work it out.

Really been a wonderful trip this time round apart from the bed that I sleep on got bedbugs!!! I really felt like not enough this time round. Still got much that haven't been done there. At least, on the night before we left, we still manage to grab the wonderful roadside kebab that was undeniably good. But we still missed to slot in time for the foot reflexology session.

Really looking forward to my next trip, hopefully it's anytime soon. ^^

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finally Found It !!!!

Extremely wonderful song with exceptionaly brilliant lyrics ... Been looking for this for ages ... Enjoy

Part 6 of the show

Part 10 of the show

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Counting Down

2 more days to go and am off for my holiday ... Am really looking forward to this. But soon, am going to lose one of my best buddy at work. But again, its a good thing cos it will be a great leap ahead for his career. As for me, I am still waiting for the time to come for that 'leap'. Not anytime soon but it will be faster than what I thought, I guessed.

Heard that my cousin was posted to Singapore for a month, haiz, how come never call me one? Maybe he's too busy settling down first. Anyway, all the best to him and his career.

Watched Ratatouille last night ... I know.... I might be a bit out dated but hey .... better late than nothing right? Well ... it was a good show, and it makes me think that somehow if one really believes in himself, no matter how ridiculous, if he didn't give up, one fine day, he will surely succeed. What a happy ending. Hopefully miracle will happen!!!! Hahahaha

Called my mum today to find out how's her condition. Was really relieved to know that her arm is getting better. Promised to go back hometown during CNY, but again CNY is not what I really look forward to. Its the time where all the aunties and uncles starts asking silly questions. Sigh -_-, but looking at the bright side, its time to meet my mum and close relatives and of course my grandma. Best thing is, am still eligible for Ang Pows ... wahahahahahahahaha

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ye Xiang

Quite a funny day at work today, before starting work ... shop a bit at Carrefour and Candy Empire for ideas for the Xmas mocktail. Bought some nougats and sweets for colleagues to munch on.

It was not busy at all tonight at work, which means, am getting sleepy and hungry at times. Luckily got the nougats to chew on. Got a funny call from "Melvin", stating that he/she and the family experienced 'lau sai' after eating .... PRANK!!!!! Melvin .... u know who u r!!!!

Learnt something new today. Let me ask you guys out there ... how many of you actually knows how do you say armpit in mandarin? ---- @*&^!$#%^&)^%$ ---- hahaha .... we were all speechless when we were thrown with that question. My only answer is ' ka-la-di ' ... wahahahah ... malay is ketiak and cantonese is gaa lat dhai ... what the hell is it in mandarin !!!! After all the hassle ... manage to get the answer ... its YE XIANG ... @.@ ... sounds like ye lai xiang .... wahahahhaa .... smelly sia .... At least I learn a new word today. See everyday is a learning day.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I am so confused !!! In order to minimize some misunderstanding, i choose not to be myself T.T

Dont know how long will this end .................................

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


From today onwards, I will update the results of my favourite show here. In case if some of you are not aware, America's Next Top Model Season 9 is already on. I will also try to upload each episodes photo shoot, if possible.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I am so weak

I am weaker by the day. I just dont know how long can i sustain. This is worse than having a super high fever. Is it that, the more you put your feelings towards someone, the easier you get hurted? Am i someone who always falls for the wrong person? Why is it always me that is proned to all this torture? How can i end all this craps? Is it better for me to just keep quiet in order to minimize all the miscommunication between us? I know something terrible had happened between us because when i offered suggestions, it turns out to be sarcasm to you. Did i subconciously offended you? I just dont know what i need to do. Can U enlighten me? I had tried my best to let go but it is so gawd damn difficult. Certain harsh things that you said really hurts. I mean ... it REALLY hurts and its beyond words to describe it. How can i make myself less vulnerable? Wearing a stupid mask doesnt help at all, i was so weak inside and yet i tried to be cheerful.

I do cherish the moments when we both dont know each other too well. At least, we dont have a barrier between us. I am especially delighted when you remember things about me that i might even had forgotten. Those were the days. Those were the good old days. But i do hope that one day, we can revert back to those good old days. I really hope that that day will come sooner.

p/s - I know that you might be reading this. Hope that you wont misunderstand the purpose of this post. I just wanna let it out but i dont have the courage to confess all this to you, face to face.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wo Zhen De Shou Shang Le - 我真的受傷了

Haven't been blogging for a few dayzzzz .... guessed that i was a bit lazy recently. Spent a lot of $$$$ this few dayz. Sigh T.T ..... must really control myself or else my upcoming trip will be very very tight. Talking about the trip, another big big sigh ..... booked the flight ticket liaoz but quite expensive this time round. Will be flying with AirAsia instead of JetStar which was the initial plan. JetStar was way out of the budget. Anyway ... am still looking forward for the trip ... and i guessed you are too, ftee ...

Ok, let me backtrack a bit.

14/10/07 Sunday : First morning shift after like a trillion years. Can't sleep the night before so basically havent sleep for like more than 24 hours. Was a bit blur during work. I know i did a lot of mistakes that day during operations but boss was in a very good mood, so not much nagging for that day. Had a wedding brunch event for 120 pax! The first big wedding event for Oscars! All i can say was "FULL FULL FULL and BUSY BUSY BUSY". Got permission to leave early as will be visiting kak Rahmah to celebrate Hari Raya. Must really thank her for satisfying my craving for 'paru'. In case some of you might not know, paru is actually cow's lung which was seasoned and then cooked. YUMMY! She knows that i loved paru, and she really cooked a lot of it. THANKS KAK!!!!! This woman can really cook. All the food prepared by her was amazing, particularly her homemade sambal. Su with her husband and 2 kids joined us later. Cute family as they all wear pink. Her sons was so CUTE, cant stop myself from playing with them. Hahaha.

15/10/07 Monday : Nothing exciting happened today. After work, had dinner with ftee at Koufu. Went to Harvey Norman to do some survey. Wanted to buy a new printer with a budget of $200. Got my eye on HP, affordable ($199, still within my budget) yet the functions was not bad, on top of that, the design (which is the most important thing :p) was cool. The only set back was, the ink cartridge was a bit more expensive than other brand. Decided to go to Challenger tomorrow to purchase it as i prefer to buy from there cos am a member mah! Got discount and reward points some more. Hehehe

16/10/07 Tuesday : Went to Challenger after work. Spotted a newer model of what i intended to buy. Jesus Christ! Payed $245 for that ... but am extremely satisfied with what i get for the additional $50. Met Lyly for dinner at Funan food court. Talk about my frustration with one of my colleague cos today he said something which hurts me a lot! I mean ---- it REALLY hurts!!!!! Do you know that!!!!! Farrrkkkkkkk!!!!! Anyway ... am getting used to it already. After the dinner, we met up with Ivan at Tiong Bahru's McDonalds for a chit chat session. Luckily got the ez-link card from Conrad as the 3 of us were penniless and was lazy to go and withdraw money.
p/s - A guest fell down and hit her nose on the floor at coach bay today, huge amount of blood! Everyone was very concerned about her condition. Hope that she will recover soon.

17/10/07 Wednesday : Boring day. Woke up and was basically sit in front of my PC whole afternoon, playing games and trying out my new printer. Met Carol for dinner at GWC's Crystal Jade. Nice food but service wise could be better. Window shopped a while before heading back home.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Expect the Unexpected

Day off : Really had a good sleep! Woke up at about 3:30pm, felt soooooooo refreshed! Whole body is finally recharged. But ... alas ... i guessed today will be another of my typical lonely day. All my kakis will be working and Carol is somewhere out there attending a wedding exibition. Sigh ... will defintely be 'hoe lan sianzzzzz'

Last night, we were out for a great supper at, where else but Spize. Got a few newcomers who joined us this session. Let me recall, the attendees were (in order of seating) : Ivan, JiEun, Angeline, Lyly, Cindy, Han and myself. We tried their special prata by the name of "Roti Banana & Vanilla Ice-Cream" which cost a mere $6.00. Dont be surprise when 'it' finally arrive at your table. Portioning was huge! We shared among the 5 of us. Its a huge prata generously filled with vanilla ice-cream (at least 2-3 big scoops) and sliced bananas. Topped up with whipped cream chocolate sauce. OMG ... it was so sinful. Caution : this is NOT recommended for those who are on diet and defintely not for those are NOT adventurous with food. After the makan and chit-chat session, we all head for home. Just when I sat in front of my PC, my phone rang. And it was Lyly on the other end. She told me that her owner had locked the door and got no place to stay overnight, so she came over to my place and stay for a night.

Ok, back to today .... after i woke up ... quickly check whether got any generous people from posted the latest episode of ANTM. Thank God ... there is !!! Had been waiting for this for like 9 days liaoz. While it was downloading, head out for makan at my usual makan place. Had a lonely Roasted Pork and BBQ Duck rice. Then head to Great World City's Cold Storage for some groceries. After satisfying my window shopping session, I decided to balik rumah to watch the latest episode of ANTM. Again, just when I comfortably sat down, the phone rang again. To my unimaginable surprise, it was a call from a 'friend'. Asked me whether want to have dinner together or not. OF COURSE!!!! We had a nice dinner at GWC. Chit-chat while killing time cos this friend will head off to work later.

Now am finally back home again, sat cosily in front of my PC and, "Tyra .... here I come!!!"

The Way I Grow, The Way I Glow

Happened to browse on friendster and found 1 of my friend's work. He is actually a student of art (i guessed) and his work was mesmerizing, I didn't know that he was soooo talented. I particularly liked one of his pic in which he shot a plant and quoted "The Way I Grow, The Way I Glow". I mean, it reflects most of us or at least it reflected to what I am today. I grabbed the picture and edited it a bit (hope you dont mind) to emphasize on the wordings, of course the credit goes all to you. I cant predict the future but i got this gut feeling that one fine day, he will turn out to be a famous photographer. Way to go buddy. Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thank You ^_^

Really enjoyed a friend's company for supper tonight ... We chat a lot and of course i learnt some new stuff that had never made known to me ... Thankz to you know who you are and what stuff am talking about.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hair Cut

Finally got a hair cut today, but when i went up to the counter to pay, they charged me $64 bucks. Got a shock! When i look closely at the bill, sigh, he (the hair stylist) charged me for the hair tonic. I thought that he put that on for free, DIEW!!! ... after all, had known him and been patronizing his salon for almost 6 years. So nevermind lah, just take note that next time dont let him do it again.

Met up Ang Moh at funan to buy some stuffs. After that, had dinner at Pastamania. Didn't feel quite full, so ordered McD delivery when i reached home. Had a McSpicy value meal, still taste as good as ever.

p/s: Received my AussieBum today .... yooohooo ...

Monday, October 1, 2007

All about Kids nowadays

Yet another week had passed. Am still desperately searching for a house to move in. What had happened to all the landlords and agents??? They had been jacking up the property to sky high!!! Tried spreading the news to all my friends (who i really wanted to thank them so much for their help) and even the mid-night transport uncle and the 7-11 auntie. Sigh :(

Subscribed to yesterday night, posted some advertisement, and hopefully will get some response. Browsed through some of the listings, its either sky high rent (imagine ... they are asking $3000 a month for a 2 room flat) ... haiz .... or its in a far far away land. Well, hopefully if you guys out there reading this and had some lobangz in mind, pls pls pls, there is someone here desperately need your help.

Had like over 20 kids in Oscars today having buffet (due to tomorrow is childrens' day). I am actually someone who like to mingle around with kids but today .... they all are giving me a great big headache. I still can remember that i first had my buffet when i was 19 years old. Kids nowaday are soooooooo lucky compared to my era. One of them is only 7 years old and was already holding a PSP in one hand and a Nokia phone in his pocket. When i was 7 years old, hmmmm .... what am i holding ... errrr .... Ding Dang (small box of chocolate with a plastic toy inside) and small pieces of cardboard with comic pictures on it (it was an IN thing during my time). Then there is this kid, my gawd, i swear ... if the parents were not our guest, he sure kena one big slap from me. He was asking for an Oscars teddy bear from me (the kid dined here before so he knows we had the teddy bears to give away to kids) at the buffet counter, i told him to wait for a while as i am busy at the moment. Do you guys know what was his reply, this is exactly what he said in front of many other people around, "Why took so long one, you mean the bear need to take aeroplane issit?". I almost fainted. And all the people (i guessed they were amazed as well) around us was like stunned, speechless and eyes popping out! But what to do, i just smile lor! My inner self volcano was like erupting already. Sigh ... kids nowadays. But still ... i loved kids .... hahahahaha

Thursday, September 27, 2007

TeamBuilding Day

Dear bloggers,

Been an extremely wonderful, fun and exciting day even though my whole body is aching now. Today was Team Building (TB) day for the buddies. Reached oscars for breakfast about 6:30am, luckily i arrived early or else i sure kena the rain. This year's TB was held at JB's Sofitel (which was held here before in year 2002). Brought back a lot of memories. Shall not elaborate much on the activities cos for those who havent attend it, i dont want to be the fun spoiler. All i can say is, enjoy it as much as you could. So here are some of the pictures during today's TB.

This is my team called the "Burung Pipit"
Jamadi/FO, Sathiya/Stdw, Edz/Oscars, Fenny/Oscars,
Cindy/Hskp, Uncle Goh/Eng, Daniel/GP

Team "Burung Kakak", our main enemy cos as what others had put it, its the battle of the burungs ... hahaha

Team "Ralph"

Team "Phoenix"

These are the 4 teams that will be competing each other. In the end, team Ralph won the battle. It was a good fight though. Below are some pictures taken after the competition, everyone was sooooo tired, but still give their best at posing. Dinner was arranged at a Japanese restaurant, isn't it my favourite food .... yum yum

All took shower liaoz, waiting for dinnerYet another pic Everyone was hungrily waiting for the food Taken from another angle yet still can poseFinally, here comes the main course. A complete Japanese full meal.
Going to sleep soon, gonna be a long day tomorrow. ^_^

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SICK !!!!

Havent been blogging for a few days, was sick T.T ... poor me. Anyway, let me just break down to the days that I havent been blogging. Not quite exciting though.

Monday 240907 - Morning shift, celebrated Shirlene's birthday @ 5th floor, 4:30pm was called to TMS briefing (wrong info given, it was supposed to be for EXCOM and HODA only), but still they few managers of F&B was there, hahaha, at least can lend a helping hand to them. About 7pm, am in my angry mode again!!! This silly (or should i say idiot colleague of mine) made a big mess with the bills (shall not elaborate on that coz its a super looooooooooong story). Initially, decided to help up the dinner period, but after the incident, told myself to just go off and have a nice dinner (so to call a pampered meal). Went to WineGarage with Iz, my goodness, see beh expensive lar!!! But, i tell you, its worth it lor!!! We had a Caesar Salad ($16) to share as an appetiser, and for the main, Iz had the burger ($21) and i go for the prawn pasta with zucchini cream sauce ($30). I was told that i cant change the pasta type as their menu is something like take-it-or-leave-it, and i was told that the pasta they used is cannelloni, so its fine with me. But it turned out to be some kind of pasta that is similar to the shape of a cinnamon stick (pasta al ceppo, i think its the name if am not mistaken), furthermore, unexpectedly, the sauce is green zuccini cream, and i tell you, the whole plate looks like stir-fried long bean with prawns. Despite the unappetizing presentation on the food, it turns out REAL GOOD!!!! I cant stop eating, and now thinking bout it makes me drool again. I WILL BE BACK FOR MORE. Oh, forgot to mention, they dont serve bread but they served Lavosh with sesame and some kind of special dip, my goodness, ITS HEAVEN!!! We had lavosh in oscars, but if we were to have that kind of dip to go with it, i will be sure the first one to indulge in it. I should go and look for the recipe and i know i could cos 2 of my friends is working part-time there ... HAHAHAH
p/s: Thanks to Ah Fun for treating me the ju zai and enlightening me who is the fortune teller @ 5th floor as well as the one who grabbed the business from Warner Blooders.

Lavosh with their special dip ... Yummy

Caesar Salad @ $16.oo

Pasta with Prawn in Zucchini Cream Sauce @ $30.00

Burger @ $21.00

Tuesday 250907 - Supposingly evening shift, but when i woke up, whole body was aching, my head was like splitting into 2, and felt so warm inside my body, i think i got FEVER. Called back to workplace and told them i will be taking MC. Dont even have the slightest energy to go and buy food even though am extremely hungry. Luckily got Em who go and buy CharSiew and Duck rice for me. Ate up quickly, took some panadol and head back to sleep. Slept for the whole day, woke up again about 7pm, cooked maggie and luckily still got 1 tub of CP Shrimp Wanton in the fridge, whacked that one up as well, still feeling not full yet, chucked in a Conrad double yolk lotus paste mooncake (says who sick people got no appetite :op). Watched 'The 40 year-old Virgin' on DVD while having my dinner. After that head back to dreamland again.

Wednesday 260907 - Day off, woke up 6am in the morning (i guessed too much sleep already), fever subsided, took a shower and went to buy ciggie and o/j at 7-11. Head home and play "Chocolatier" (another addictive new game i found) until about 10am before heading to koonzzz again. Damn ... felt like a pig cos just sleep and eat. Anyway, woke up at about 2, get washed up and bought lunch (guess what, its the Duck rice again lor) and continued playing chocolatier until about just now (in which i win already and became the Master Chocolatier). Guess i need to search for more new and exciting game liaoz. Chiaoz.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Went to Ikea alone today, alone means no one accompany me lor .... sigh ... T.T

Need to buy something for the outlet, as well as to browse some of the things that i would like to buy after pindah rumah ... thinking about it freaks me out! First need to pay a lump sum of money and have to bear in mind that my much awaited vacation is just round the corner. I NEED $$$$$. Anyway, stupidly walk around Ikea and found this table lamp, quite cute and cost only $5.90. Without hesitation, the item went straight into my shopping bag. Yea ... finally dont need to type in the dark liaozzz. Also bought a pair of shoe tree and a piece of chair cushion. Spent almost 3 hours there, see beh tired and sianzzz, wanted to have their ever popular swedish meatballs, but decided to head home instead to play my new PC game, Wedding Dash. This game was soooooo addictive, my gawd, i tell you ... once you start ... you just dont feel like stopping. Like a classic malay saying, "Belum try belum tau, suday try pasti mau"!!! HAHAHA

Ok, enuff of bulls**t, need to play game liaoz ... BUB BAIZZZ

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ridiculous !!!

Nothing much exciting happened today except going supper with Ida, So Chai and Hidayat. Had a very very very long talk and time passed super fast. Chit chat until about 5am and they dropped by at my humble house. Talk c**k abit while waiting for their first bus.

Purpose of blogging today is mainly about some brainless people at work place. This stwd people came to our pantry and do floor scrubbing. Great initiative but super wrong timing!!! Whole pantry was wet and guess what, its only about 11:30pm. I still need to run shift, and quite busy as well, staff was walking in and out the pantry and it is bery bery DANGEROUS lor!!! Talk to the supervisor, and they refused to stop doing it. Reason given was they don't have sufficient time to finish the whole area if they don't start early (bulls**t, they wanna find time to sleep), and told me they are using some kind of chemical and not soap so it wont be slippery. Was so fed up and quarrel with him. Of course, i will get the higher authority involved. Called RL to talk to them, stop for a while and resumed shortly. Again talk to them, they ensure me that it is not slippery. Lost my patience, asked them that is it considered slippery when any of my staff carrying all the plates slipped and fell and cut them themselves, then only considered slippery? Can't answer me properly, but just kept on scrubbing. My goodness ... I told myself that there is no point arguing with these uncivilised barbarian, will give them a good one during morning briefing.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"The Day"

Today was another day which i called it "The Day"!!! First up, when i opened my eye, it was like so bright outside the window (bear in mind that i was in morning shift) and it was already 7am! Jesus Christ!!! I was late!!! Slept passed the alarm. In a split second, i tried to reached out for my mobile and it was not there. Had to run to the hall to make the call to workplace to let my colleagues know that i will be late. Quickly got washed up and run down to try to catch hold of a cab. It was raining and when you want a cab sooooo badly, all of them seems to be dissapeared! Was trying so hard to get a cab and the next best thing is .... i saw the bus coming. Ran to the bus stop and hop into the bus instead. Sigh ......... When i reached the workplace, everyone was giving me 'the look' and start asking where i was chiong-ing last night, in my mind was like thinking, WTF, i had never go chiong-ing for like 1 zillion years lioaz.

During the afternoon, in the middle of operation, this PA of our head office's came for lunch. Everyone was like so gun jiong (of course including myself lah). Had to make sure everything was in order. This is when s**t happens (as what my boss put it 'too much cook spoiled the broth'). Knocked over a champagne flute and cut my fingers. A total of 3 minor and 1 deep cut on 2 fingers. Bleed like running tap sia. It didnt stop bleeding even after 1/2 hour and the wound was like throbbing so badly. Made a security report even though my inner self told me not to. Worried that the wound might get infected. Was determined to seek medical advise after work cos scared that there might be bits of broken glass in the wound, but too bad, the seduction of having dinner with all the colleagues at BK overpowered the idea of going to the doctor. Was introduced to this Korean girl (quite pretty and was full of s**t) by the name of Sandra (forgot her Korean name cos its quite chim).

After dinner, went for 'No Reservation' with some of them. Not a bad movie though.

Here is something for us to ponder on : Today i personally experienced a scenario which makes me feel the power of inner self esteem, fear and courage. I have this colleague that was once in war countries and had deal with countless blood scenes. Been in the military as well and was well trained to deal with difficult situations. To me is that, if you can survive that kind of situation, you should be considered a person that is with high self esteem and is a confident person. But when he was approached by his higher authority in his current workplace, his confidence shrink from a watermelon to a watermelon seed. He will feel shakey and blurp out funny things. Even if he knows the answer to the questions, he is too afraid to answer and will definitely said things that he will regret. So, if someone that is with no confidence at all will live in FEAR? (no names shall be mentioned)

To Mr. Pattaya : Found this song by chance and it made me almost fell off the chair. Doesn't quite like it though.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another funny Day Off

Finally my day off. Woke up about 11 plus and was late for a meet up with Pei See. We were supposed to meet up at 12 at Plaza Singapura to have lunch and buy things from Daiso. Quite funny hor ... meeting PS at PS. Met at 1230 and had lunch at Ichiban Sushi. The sushi there is still as good and affordable. Sakae sushi will no longer be my priority for japanese food.

After lunch, went to Daiso to search for some utensils for the restaurant. Bought all the buffet tong underliner that they have. Heavy sia!!!! Then head down to Oscars to put the heavy stuffs away.

Went to Raffles Hospital later to have my chest x-ray done for my employment pass. Supposed to meet the indonesian trainee after that, but they fly my aeroplane. Sianzzzzzz .... Happen to bumped into the Oscars chef, so had 'teh bing' session with them. Left about 6pm and meet up with Carol for dinner @ Fei Chui La Mian Xiao Long Bau restaurant @ Great World City. Was quite sceptical about the whole idea, but it turns out to be a great experience. The food and service was great. Affordable as well. Here are some of the food we had. Its a must try for food lovers.

My first dish, shallot oil with freshly made la mian ... simple but super delicious!

Fried Dumpling with ginger and vinegar dip, not my favourite though.

This dish is soooo unique, Salted Egg Yolk coated Nian Gao, OMG ... i would have never thought this combination would work, but it turns out to be so nice. Its not so saltish but it is saltish enough to make me eat piece after piece.

This is the Shark Bone Soup with Wanton and Chicken, soup is so flavourful, 5 pieces of wanton which is generously filled with meat and include a whole chicken drumstick, all this for the price of only $15.80. Great for 3 person to share. Will defintely have this again in my next visit.

With that, basically sums up my whole day of good food and wonderful day even though had been fang fei ji-ed. Hahahah

Where am I going?

Been a dreadfully loooooooooong week .... cant wait till day off and finally here it comes. Thank God !!!

Nothing exciting or fantastic happened so far which saddened me. How i wish something special will happen. Was so touched when i woke up this morning, lunch was prepared on the table by Em and Iz, so quickly get washed up and makan.

Soon i will be moving to Potong Pasir, sigh ... am really not excited by the whole idea lor ... dont even know where that place is ... :o( Yesterday, heard from the 7-11 auntie that the block at river valley road opposite of 7-11 is out for rent. Can u imagine how excited am i!!!!! Hopefully things went smoothly and i got the house at river valley road. Have to wait for the answer from the auntie. Hopefully its good news.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dom Perignon = Lau Sai

Yesterday was yet another FUN FUN FUN day although kena a lot of S**T (as usual). Kena counselling session with boss. Anyway, his intention is for our own good ... so nevermind lah.

Have to really thank Ah Fun for the help yesterday, and i just found out that she had a very nice and big 'BANANA' which i like to play with .... hahahah. Really stressed out on the dateline of submission of a report to boss ... so had dinner quite late. Met Ah Girl at BK for dinner at around 7 plus and bumped into Mr. Pattaya, so we had dinner together.

After work, head down to K Box, my gosh ... am like 1 million f**king years never sing liaoz (apart from the fact that when i was in thailand, i did went to karaoke). Really sing until super sore throat. Enjoyed the night very much. Out of a sudden this stupid Ah Boy spit out something ridiculous after i sang my favourite song. Said i like Dom Perignon ... now you see ... 'lau sai' already liaoz lor. You know what u had said lorrrr and you should jolly well know what i meant .... na beh! Lucky no one else on that night heard it ... phew! Anyway ... here is the song ... pls enjoy everyone ... very meaningful lyrics.

Sing until 6am ... geee ... was freaking tired until slept there.

p/s : Regarding about the cupid's arrow thingy, i think he missed and too bad ... am the good old lonely soul again. Never mind lah .... i will keep on seaching, hopefully jus like the ugly caterpillar, will one day transform into a beautiful butterfly ... and thats my journey as the lonely ugly caterpillar.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Targeted by Cupid

Had 2 wonderful day with the indonesian trainee, thanks to all of you as i really had fun this 2 days! We went to watch movie (geeez, havent been into the cinema for almost 3-4 months oleadi). Yesterday we watch "Evan Almighty", not a very good show though but have some laughs. Today we watch "1408", story line suckx, ending suckx but at least there is a few scene that really people in the cinema screamed! We had to wonder around marina square for almost 2 1/2 hours before the show start.

Yesterday after Evan Almighty, we went to Glutton's Bay for supper. Still loved the Char Kway Teow, they still maintain their quality and for $4 per portion, it is defintely worth it! I wish that they can put more "hum" inside as i really prefer my char kway teow to be hum-full rather than hum-less. LOL.

As of today .... I felt that I had been tergeted by cupid!!! Hopefully something will happen sooner or later. I will keep my finger crossed.

Monday, September 3, 2007


Nothing much happened to me this 2 days, jus the normal routine of work and work and more work!!! Thankfully got the chance to see all 3 of my motivator/morale booster today ... at least it help a bit to brighten up my day.

Been thru a bit of frustration last night, all my closing shift staff left without informing me, the best thing is, the whole freaking terrace is still full of soccer fans, and they jus dont care and left a poor trainee down there to settle all the s**t!!! Of course i made a great big fuss about the incident ... and i will just wait and see ... coz i really believe in karma --~~what goes around, comes around~~-- How they treat the poor girl will surely be punished (and guess what, they were punished today!!!) Stayed back to help and cheer her up.

Of course, today the first step into the locker, already got people gossipping about the incident yesterday night. WTF, fire was starting to burn again, being me ... of course i curse and swear lah!!!!! Had dinner at Koufu with some colleagues, and before i head back to work, they told me that they are got to catch 'ratatouille', arrrggghhhh ... how envy am i.

Dinner operation got 2 VIPs ... made me see beh busy lor, one is Richard Blamey, for those who know him, should know what he expect lah .... the CSCS thing. Thank god he is quite a nice person so not much attention that need to be showered upon him. Next is the Executive Editor of SPH, Ms Kuan Yong ... quite a powerful name in media and food critic. Havent seen her for like 1/2 a year liaoz, lucky still remember her face ... at least made her feel see beh special. This one must really take good care, or else if she write something bad bout oscars, confirm my ass will be buttered until smooth and slippery one lor.

Towards the end of the shift, thought of a peaceful night, suddenly pops up a half drunk irritating angmoh at terrace making a big fuss. Was mumbling to myself, "NOT AGAIN!" She and her friends were having drinks and when they were presented with the check, a total of $130 plus, she was fine with it but this colleague of mine accidentally pressed 7 instead of 1, so she was charged $730 plus!!! Adjusted the CC charge slip and presented her the correct one, she refused to sign and said that we were cheating her. OMFG, tried my best to talk and reason with her until breathless, in the end settled. All the terrace staff cant go back cos of my counselling session.

Here is the best part, something about the karma thingy, one of the terrace staff was nagging about why tomorrow night only 2 person working, 1 junior captain and 1 captain, this is where i caome in and said "Oh ... 2 person is more than enough already whereby you all can actually let 1 trainee run the show". Feeling embarassed, hummiliated and speechless, they just went off. But then again, i will defintely arrange more staff as i dont want it to jeopardise the operation cos i would love to have a peaceful night prior to my day off.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ang Moh aka Gwai Lou

Busy day throughout ... be it lunch, hi-tea, dinner and even supper!!! Totally tired! But it wont put out the fire of blogging in me ... no no no ... it happened once and i dont want history to repeat itself, i will keep on blogging no matter what!

Today i was irritated by all the ang mohs around me, be it guest or colleague. First up, this ang moh guest was drinking so much erdinger until he was high liaoz, said that our chair ripped his shirt! When he approach Iz, he scolded Iz and claimed that cheepo shirt of his cost over $200!!! Even ask us to compensate for the loss, haiz ... what can we do but just apologise and smile lor ... Got his name card and had to raise the hiccup form and alert the whole world.

Next ang moh, even worst! A free labour trainee from Germany, by the way ... Tini gave him a wonderful unique nickname -McStinky-, hahaha ... i wonder what that means :p Ok, it's his last day at work today (thank god), he just a pain in the ass *puik* amd full of s**t. Enuff of him, change topic cos not worth talking bout him.

Got a very good compliment from a guest today, his name is Mr. Poh (quite a big shot and own a few big shipping company, friend of our very own Mr. G and Mr. EAM), Mr. EAM was surprised to see him having supper at oscars about 10 plus cos most of the time he and his family will only have meals at GP ... and the best thing is ... this is what he told Mr. EAM "You will see more of us at oscars because of him (pointing at me)" @_@ WOW ... was blushing already and cant even spit out any words. What to do, just smile lor. At least it boost up my morale again.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Sucked Dry

Been a long long 2 days ... all my energy had been sucked dry, yesterday was the oscars chalet at pasir ris. Basically 1/2 of the oscarians were there, i mean those kakis!!! And yesterday, am morning shift and after work ... straightaway head down to the chalet. Decided to take the train, WOW, imagine travelling with a bunch of hyperactive not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman siao char bohs (total about 13 of us), like we owned the train like that, BISINGnyer!!!! We were all talking and laughing and bitching and gossipping so loudly and it should be really annoying and irritating, but who cares, as long as we were enjoying ourself {sorry to those who were in the train, what to do, just endure lah}.

We drank like nobodies business, being in the F&B line, of course we got what like 7-11's slogan ... "It's a store and more" ... basically we got all sorts of liquers, wines and even Sangria and Jägermeister!!! And here is what the pro-but-idiotic people do, gulping everything down without even thinking what will be the results. I can tell you whats the result, one word, DRUNK lor!!! hahahah ...

First to go ... Mr. Ivan, before 9pm, vomit and sleep liaozzz. But throughout the night, manage to get a few good and memorable shots before ending the day.

Ang Moh drink by the bottle The red tomato head Sure got 'mosquito bite' one !!! Me and Pei SeeMe and Siti, she is leaving us soon :'(Flower among the thorns ^_^
Don't envy hor ....

Surprisingly it's Ida's birthday and Siti's farewell as well!!! Good luck to both of them especially Siti. Will definitely miss her so damn much. Tried my best to 'sai ko' her to join full time but negative response :(

Here are some more pictures :
Top (L-R) : Robert & Rainer
Btm (L-R) : Edz, Iz & Siti

The 2 beautiful stwd aunties Yoke Chan & Ah Leang

Today: Checked put alone, have to tidy up the whole place so that wont be charged extra. Raining again ... sigh. Had to rush to work after that, and thanks to COMEX event at suntec, traffic jam, am late, AGAIN!

Been thru a lot of s**t today, might be because not enuff 'koonz', cant really concentrate. And finally came good old 11 o'clock, time to go off. But dont really feel like going home, went to supper with Grant at Spize. Great place for good and reasonable price food. Highly recommended! Bumped into Tang Lin, she was having supper there as well.

Thats what i can summarize for this 2 long exciting days. Till next time, chiao ...............

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rainy Day

Today should be a wonderful day as i hope it would be but it turns out ... dont mention about it :(

First of all it rains like dog s**t, expect a busy b'fast and lunch ... alas ... turns out to be slow due to the rain ... everyone around me seems moody. Before i rush to carrefour to settle some last minute shopping for the chalet, guess what i found in the hotel ... a whole slab of marble from the wall (somewhere around FCC and oscars terrace) just fell off!!! Can u imagine ... when i alerted the whole world (errrr, big shots in the hotel lah) they all became so 'gun jiong'. At a spilt of a second, the thought of how save can it be in a building! But nevermind that, anyway its not up to me to decide how to deal with it, as what people say, am jus a small potato ... hahaha

Back to the chalet thingy, *sianzzzzz* ... no kakis around ... DIEW !!! After settle everything, i decided to go home lor, its better to stick with my computer and play my new found game called "Sally Salon", a pretty good game though.

Better sleep early cos tomorrow will be a better day (hopefully) at the chalet cos got the kakis that i want ... hehehe ... maybe some thing will happen after the chalet (again ... hopefully). Must pray hard hard tonight!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome to a "New Start"

Hmmm .... after all the hassle, finally am able to blog again, HURRAY~!!! But on the other hand, sharing dairies on the net and is viewable to everyone seems like a funny thing, who cares ... its the IN thing now. And again hopefully this time round, am able to keep this keen spirit of blogging longer ... at least till end of this year *finger crossed*

Am still trying to explore new stuff to enhance this blog thingy, by chance if you guys out there have any tips and tricks, do teach me pls ... am a newbie or some people prefer to call me a NOOB! Never mind lah ... its a matter of getting used to it.

Well .... what should I share in this first page ... let me see ... errrrrrr ... *brain freezed liao*, aha ... I know what ... let me talk about this funny day off of mine and by the way ... its today lor!

Need to buy stuffs for the upcoming chalet, went to Carrefour to buy chickens, see i used plural and that means not only 1 chicken but many many chicken! HAHAHA ..... quite funny when I see the poor girl at the cashier 'tit'-ing all the frozen packs of chicken. Her hand confirm numb lor ... hehehe. After that, just dump everthing to the chefs to prepare ... well ... thats their job what, dont expect me to prepare lor ...

Then head down to this japanese restaurant called Ichidan Boshi @ great world city with Elbert and Ah Boy, purposely chose that so that after the dinner can just walk home, no need to take cab *smart ass*. Had so much food until full full full ........... U guyz should try it out cos really nice and cheap lor, everything is jus 1.90 and compare to Sakae, here got more variations. Lyly joined us slightly later and when she finally arrived, her face like f**k sia ..... Keep on complaning bout her new workplace ... and wanted to quit ... sigh ... cant help her much ... its her choice, so
'bo bian' lar ...

OK OK ... a bit cheong hei liaoz for first page ... got to go shower and 'koon' or else tomorrow will look like a freaking ZOMBIE!

Bubbaizzzz and stay tuned for more upcoming news (most probably chalet news, see who get hooked with who, hopefully its MOI!)