Saturday, July 26, 2008

Riddles ~~~~~

Some riddles to crack your head with -
1. What goes around the house but never touches it?
2. What always goes to bed in shoes?
3. What questions can a stupid boy answer?
4. Paul is an assistant at a butcher shop. He wears size nine shoes. What does he weigh?
5. A queen bee is buzzing in the hive, same with a honey bee and a worker bee. How many bees were in buzzing?

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Just to share some pics taken during the trip.

Partying @ Hollywood Pattaya with Cassie and Shan

If I managed to get more pics from Shan, I will post it here. In the mean time, found out from my cousin's blog that she posted some of the pics taken when we were in our younger days. A bit funny but definitely brings back a lot of memories. Take a peep should you want to have a good laugh especially when you see how I looked like when I was a kid! Please don't fall off the chair like I do when I first saw it!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The girl who Work, Play and Chiong HARD!!! (updated 12/7)

It's time for another farewell story. I known her for not long, about 3 months plus but we kinda bond very fast. She is the sweet lady with a big heart, non other than Cindy. Coincidently, her cousin was my brother's classmate. What a small world! We had our fair share of ups and downs at workplace and to be very frank, she is a really tough girl. Work hard, play hard and chiong even harder!!! Will definitely miss her a lot. Hopefully, will get the chance to visit her one of these days in Australia.

People in the picture from L->R : Xtine, ME, Rix, KVG, Tina, Peck Har, Shirley, Shan, Hody ..... In front of course will be the Star ... CINDY

After the dinner, taken outside restaurant. (blurry though)
Me and Cindy pic 1

Me and Cindy pic 2

Here is the video taken during the dinner.

Finally, I got my tattoo done. This is taken after 3 days of the tattoo session. Painful yet the result turns out good. It's now in the healing process and tends to hurt a bit. I wonder when I will get my next tattoo done. I think the next one should be at my arm or perhaps shoulder. Till then ... chiao :p

a clearer pic of the tattoo

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Un-gentlemen-ness ....

After meeting a friend from Thailand, we went for dinner at East Coast Park. Had tremendous fun there. After the dinner, Mat send us to CCS and myself with TML decided to take a cab home. While we were waiting for a cab outside CCS, suddenly 2 guys run over from Suntec towards our area, stop in front of us and try to flag for a cab. In a split second, TML shouted at the guy, "Excuse me! We are waiting for a cab also!" Well, the guys were extremely embarassed cos they didn't expect someone would actually yelled at them. I was shocked as well too. The two guys were very well dressed, sort of like those working as an executive, but their action of cutting queue is very rude, TML kept on saying that they are craps, not a gentleman at all, worst than a lady! She even thought of calling for a cab and give it to the two idiots since they a rushing to hell ... hahahaha

~~~here is the picture taken from Balcony and Bar None during our outing the other night~~~

Shan, Angie and myself at Balcony

Me and GOSS, he was drunk liao

Another drunk pic

KVG, Xtine, myself and the zui mao (drunk cat) @ Bar None

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Raining ~~~

While waiting for the rain to stop, decided to jot something down to pass some time. Suppose to meet friends at airport for dinner. Ftee's friend will be paying us a visit from Thailand and myself and TML together with ftee will be going to airport later.

Last night sort of like a lot of last minute changes to our meet up and ended up quite fun. Met up with shan at balcony for drink. Xtine, Angie and KVG (who was extremely late) joined slightly later. End up playing Ape Academy there ... hahahah. After that, went for late dinner at the Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at Cineleisure. Xtine, KVG and myself went to catch 'Wanted' after the meal. Quite a good show I must say. Lots of blood and gruesome scenes. NICE! Who knows ... after the show, got a call from Em and all three of us end up at Bar None! Iz, ah boy and GOSS was there. They are all high liao when we arrived but GOSS was the worst, drop dead drunk liao! Aiyor, see beh sia shui! hahaha. *i will post the pic here once i got it from xtine*

OK, rain stop liao ... need to go out now ... till then .... have a pleasant week! ^_^

Mobile phone

This post was inspired by Jo, my cousin when she mentioned that I had a lot of phones. Jo, actually I don't have much phone compare to those phone freaks out there. To give you a clearer picture, I had compiled the mobiles which I had used and still using from 1998 till now. Note: 1998 was the year that I bought my first mobile phone. I usually don't like to trade in the mobile that I had cos each and every one of it kinda like got 'gum ching' with me liao. LOL. Each and every phone has some history with me that I would love to treasure. Too bad, I had sold off my first 2 cos that time no $$$$$.