Saturday, October 27, 2007


I am so confused !!! In order to minimize some misunderstanding, i choose not to be myself T.T

Dont know how long will this end .................................

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


From today onwards, I will update the results of my favourite show here. In case if some of you are not aware, America's Next Top Model Season 9 is already on. I will also try to upload each episodes photo shoot, if possible.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I am so weak

I am weaker by the day. I just dont know how long can i sustain. This is worse than having a super high fever. Is it that, the more you put your feelings towards someone, the easier you get hurted? Am i someone who always falls for the wrong person? Why is it always me that is proned to all this torture? How can i end all this craps? Is it better for me to just keep quiet in order to minimize all the miscommunication between us? I know something terrible had happened between us because when i offered suggestions, it turns out to be sarcasm to you. Did i subconciously offended you? I just dont know what i need to do. Can U enlighten me? I had tried my best to let go but it is so gawd damn difficult. Certain harsh things that you said really hurts. I mean ... it REALLY hurts and its beyond words to describe it. How can i make myself less vulnerable? Wearing a stupid mask doesnt help at all, i was so weak inside and yet i tried to be cheerful.

I do cherish the moments when we both dont know each other too well. At least, we dont have a barrier between us. I am especially delighted when you remember things about me that i might even had forgotten. Those were the days. Those were the good old days. But i do hope that one day, we can revert back to those good old days. I really hope that that day will come sooner.

p/s - I know that you might be reading this. Hope that you wont misunderstand the purpose of this post. I just wanna let it out but i dont have the courage to confess all this to you, face to face.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wo Zhen De Shou Shang Le - 我真的受傷了

Haven't been blogging for a few dayzzzz .... guessed that i was a bit lazy recently. Spent a lot of $$$$ this few dayz. Sigh T.T ..... must really control myself or else my upcoming trip will be very very tight. Talking about the trip, another big big sigh ..... booked the flight ticket liaoz but quite expensive this time round. Will be flying with AirAsia instead of JetStar which was the initial plan. JetStar was way out of the budget. Anyway ... am still looking forward for the trip ... and i guessed you are too, ftee ...

Ok, let me backtrack a bit.

14/10/07 Sunday : First morning shift after like a trillion years. Can't sleep the night before so basically havent sleep for like more than 24 hours. Was a bit blur during work. I know i did a lot of mistakes that day during operations but boss was in a very good mood, so not much nagging for that day. Had a wedding brunch event for 120 pax! The first big wedding event for Oscars! All i can say was "FULL FULL FULL and BUSY BUSY BUSY". Got permission to leave early as will be visiting kak Rahmah to celebrate Hari Raya. Must really thank her for satisfying my craving for 'paru'. In case some of you might not know, paru is actually cow's lung which was seasoned and then cooked. YUMMY! She knows that i loved paru, and she really cooked a lot of it. THANKS KAK!!!!! This woman can really cook. All the food prepared by her was amazing, particularly her homemade sambal. Su with her husband and 2 kids joined us later. Cute family as they all wear pink. Her sons was so CUTE, cant stop myself from playing with them. Hahaha.

15/10/07 Monday : Nothing exciting happened today. After work, had dinner with ftee at Koufu. Went to Harvey Norman to do some survey. Wanted to buy a new printer with a budget of $200. Got my eye on HP, affordable ($199, still within my budget) yet the functions was not bad, on top of that, the design (which is the most important thing :p) was cool. The only set back was, the ink cartridge was a bit more expensive than other brand. Decided to go to Challenger tomorrow to purchase it as i prefer to buy from there cos am a member mah! Got discount and reward points some more. Hehehe

16/10/07 Tuesday : Went to Challenger after work. Spotted a newer model of what i intended to buy. Jesus Christ! Payed $245 for that ... but am extremely satisfied with what i get for the additional $50. Met Lyly for dinner at Funan food court. Talk about my frustration with one of my colleague cos today he said something which hurts me a lot! I mean ---- it REALLY hurts!!!!! Do you know that!!!!! Farrrkkkkkkk!!!!! Anyway ... am getting used to it already. After the dinner, we met up with Ivan at Tiong Bahru's McDonalds for a chit chat session. Luckily got the ez-link card from Conrad as the 3 of us were penniless and was lazy to go and withdraw money.
p/s - A guest fell down and hit her nose on the floor at coach bay today, huge amount of blood! Everyone was very concerned about her condition. Hope that she will recover soon.

17/10/07 Wednesday : Boring day. Woke up and was basically sit in front of my PC whole afternoon, playing games and trying out my new printer. Met Carol for dinner at GWC's Crystal Jade. Nice food but service wise could be better. Window shopped a while before heading back home.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Expect the Unexpected

Day off : Really had a good sleep! Woke up at about 3:30pm, felt soooooooo refreshed! Whole body is finally recharged. But ... alas ... i guessed today will be another of my typical lonely day. All my kakis will be working and Carol is somewhere out there attending a wedding exibition. Sigh ... will defintely be 'hoe lan sianzzzzz'

Last night, we were out for a great supper at, where else but Spize. Got a few newcomers who joined us this session. Let me recall, the attendees were (in order of seating) : Ivan, JiEun, Angeline, Lyly, Cindy, Han and myself. We tried their special prata by the name of "Roti Banana & Vanilla Ice-Cream" which cost a mere $6.00. Dont be surprise when 'it' finally arrive at your table. Portioning was huge! We shared among the 5 of us. Its a huge prata generously filled with vanilla ice-cream (at least 2-3 big scoops) and sliced bananas. Topped up with whipped cream chocolate sauce. OMG ... it was so sinful. Caution : this is NOT recommended for those who are on diet and defintely not for those are NOT adventurous with food. After the makan and chit-chat session, we all head for home. Just when I sat in front of my PC, my phone rang. And it was Lyly on the other end. She told me that her owner had locked the door and got no place to stay overnight, so she came over to my place and stay for a night.

Ok, back to today .... after i woke up ... quickly check whether got any generous people from posted the latest episode of ANTM. Thank God ... there is !!! Had been waiting for this for like 9 days liaoz. While it was downloading, head out for makan at my usual makan place. Had a lonely Roasted Pork and BBQ Duck rice. Then head to Great World City's Cold Storage for some groceries. After satisfying my window shopping session, I decided to balik rumah to watch the latest episode of ANTM. Again, just when I comfortably sat down, the phone rang again. To my unimaginable surprise, it was a call from a 'friend'. Asked me whether want to have dinner together or not. OF COURSE!!!! We had a nice dinner at GWC. Chit-chat while killing time cos this friend will head off to work later.

Now am finally back home again, sat cosily in front of my PC and, "Tyra .... here I come!!!"

The Way I Grow, The Way I Glow

Happened to browse on friendster and found 1 of my friend's work. He is actually a student of art (i guessed) and his work was mesmerizing, I didn't know that he was soooo talented. I particularly liked one of his pic in which he shot a plant and quoted "The Way I Grow, The Way I Glow". I mean, it reflects most of us or at least it reflected to what I am today. I grabbed the picture and edited it a bit (hope you dont mind) to emphasize on the wordings, of course the credit goes all to you. I cant predict the future but i got this gut feeling that one fine day, he will turn out to be a famous photographer. Way to go buddy. Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thank You ^_^

Really enjoyed a friend's company for supper tonight ... We chat a lot and of course i learnt some new stuff that had never made known to me ... Thankz to you know who you are and what stuff am talking about.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hair Cut

Finally got a hair cut today, but when i went up to the counter to pay, they charged me $64 bucks. Got a shock! When i look closely at the bill, sigh, he (the hair stylist) charged me for the hair tonic. I thought that he put that on for free, DIEW!!! ... after all, had known him and been patronizing his salon for almost 6 years. So nevermind lah, just take note that next time dont let him do it again.

Met up Ang Moh at funan to buy some stuffs. After that, had dinner at Pastamania. Didn't feel quite full, so ordered McD delivery when i reached home. Had a McSpicy value meal, still taste as good as ever.

p/s: Received my AussieBum today .... yooohooo ...

Monday, October 1, 2007

All about Kids nowadays

Yet another week had passed. Am still desperately searching for a house to move in. What had happened to all the landlords and agents??? They had been jacking up the property to sky high!!! Tried spreading the news to all my friends (who i really wanted to thank them so much for their help) and even the mid-night transport uncle and the 7-11 auntie. Sigh :(

Subscribed to yesterday night, posted some advertisement, and hopefully will get some response. Browsed through some of the listings, its either sky high rent (imagine ... they are asking $3000 a month for a 2 room flat) ... haiz .... or its in a far far away land. Well, hopefully if you guys out there reading this and had some lobangz in mind, pls pls pls, there is someone here desperately need your help.

Had like over 20 kids in Oscars today having buffet (due to tomorrow is childrens' day). I am actually someone who like to mingle around with kids but today .... they all are giving me a great big headache. I still can remember that i first had my buffet when i was 19 years old. Kids nowaday are soooooooo lucky compared to my era. One of them is only 7 years old and was already holding a PSP in one hand and a Nokia phone in his pocket. When i was 7 years old, hmmmm .... what am i holding ... errrr .... Ding Dang (small box of chocolate with a plastic toy inside) and small pieces of cardboard with comic pictures on it (it was an IN thing during my time). Then there is this kid, my gawd, i swear ... if the parents were not our guest, he sure kena one big slap from me. He was asking for an Oscars teddy bear from me (the kid dined here before so he knows we had the teddy bears to give away to kids) at the buffet counter, i told him to wait for a while as i am busy at the moment. Do you guys know what was his reply, this is exactly what he said in front of many other people around, "Why took so long one, you mean the bear need to take aeroplane issit?". I almost fainted. And all the people (i guessed they were amazed as well) around us was like stunned, speechless and eyes popping out! But what to do, i just smile lor! My inner self volcano was like erupting already. Sigh ... kids nowadays. But still ... i loved kids .... hahahahaha