Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let the Drama Begins

Wednesday night was the Conrad's Annual D&D and this year's event is one of the best! Everyone seems to really "dressed up" to the event. Of course, the best will still be Front Office team as you can see that they really put in effort in dressing to complement the event. If only Oscars people are like that. Overall, had fun ... totally! By the way, food was not that fantastic. And as usual, during the lucky draw event, I got nothing lar ... not even the early bird lucky draw .... sianzzzzzzz ... every year is like that! Next year must shower with pomelo leaf and scrub clean clean before going to D&D, might got chance ... hahaha

Some pics from the event.
(Disclaimer: Images might cause nausea, giddiness and face muscle cramp. Browse at own risk!)

Sherlyn -- Ed -- Ichelle

Frankie -- Ed

Debbie -- Ed -- Grace

Kalifah -- Ed

Mr. Grafe -- Ed -- Mr. Cheong

The Oscar's Team

June -- Ed

Monday, January 21, 2008


Been lazy to blog recently ... sigh ... maybe because nothing exciting happened.

Well, today was the farewell of a very nice guest of mine. A Japanese guest, they had been staying in Singapore for almost 20 years and now they are moving to Thailand. How envy am I !!!! He is very loaded ... I mean VERY loaded lor ... but surprisingly, he and his family is extremely humble. Very down to earth and friendly. Maybe my next trip to Thailand, I will pay them a visit.

Talking about Thailand trip, another big big sigh .... travel kaki will be going on a short trip end of this month but the bestest thing is, I am NOT able to go!!! T.T Leave not approved!!! DIEW*^$#$^*&$% ~~~~~Sadnessssssssss~~~~~ Anyway, will plan for the next trip.

Now, I was kinda addicted to Korean movie. I mean this typical Korean drama, "Coffee Prince". I don't actually like Korean movie because they are draggy, most of the time is like, I-like-you-and-you-like-my-best-friend kinda story line, ends up everyone crying, BIG TIME DRAMA! But, this Coffee Prince has a story line which is quite catchy. And to top that up, everyone surrounding me is watching it. So I felt quite alienated when they talk about the drama. After the first episode, OMFG, I was already addicted to it. Jesus Christ.