Monday, December 10, 2007

Home Sweet Home ...

Well, finally settled everything in my new house. Definitely a smaller and more expensive lot yet quite cosy to live in. No complaints about it! This is the 3rd apartment that I had stayed in Kim Tian Road. Everywhere seems so familiar. Too bad, Ah Boy is not living here anymore or else am going to bug on him every now and then! Hahaha.

Coincidentally, my new found neighbour is an old colleague of mine. Same block, same floor but just 2 units away. Haiz ... at least got one more friend in the neighbourhood.

Another thing, Christmas is coming .. that means, a lot of shopping need to be done. Bestest thing is, am totally broke! Where am I going to get the money to buy the presents??? And yet, I still owe a present for a good old buddy of mine, which will defintely cost a BOMB! I had promised to buy him that 'gift'. I will do it, but it's just a matter of time. Trust me ... just wait and see. Got an early Christmas gift from 'travel kaki', really LOVED it, thanks for the kind gesture. Really appreciated it. Had been using it already and it really brings out a whole lot of meaning to life!!! Now, had to crack head already to think of something to reciprocate the kind gesture. Sei larrrrrrrrr ......... many many things to buy larrrrrrr ....!!!!!

Nevermind, will not think about it. I always believe that, 'when the boat reaches the bridge, the bridge will become straight', hahaha, something like that lar.

This coming weekend, will be meeting up with Uncle Charles and Auntie Maggie together with my cousins, Candice and Jesse from Australia. Looking forward to that. Haven't seen them like almost 3 years.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

iPod Touch

Am felling very very excited and yet tired at the moment. Been doing a lot of packing !!!! The fact is that we will be moving out soon, to a new home. And the best thing ... I'll be moving back to Tiong Bahru. It does give a 'balik kampung' feel considering I had been living there for quite a number of years.

On a seperate issue, am waiting for my new iPod Touch to arrive. Furthermore, got it for FREE!!! Am so excited about that. My first multi-touch interface gadget!!! Can't really wait to play with it!!!

OK ... need continue my packing already. Cya ....................................