Friday, March 28, 2008

Thank You to all of the Oscarians

Today is actually the day that am official out of Oscar's. Sent out a long email to thank each and everyone of the Oscarians. As a tribute, I decided to post it here as well.

Thu, 27 Mar 2008 16:13:56 -0700 (PDT)
"Edward Edz"
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A Grace Departure

Dear Peter and all colleagues,

It's been a wonderful journey throughout the years, but sadly, my journey ends today at Oscar's. To leave, it really saddens me tremendously, but hopefully you guys will understand that I really need to grab this opportunity. I would like to take this moment to thank you whole heartedly for your patience and guidance and I would really love to thank each and everyone of the team for the unconditional support! Hmmm ... I know what I will do, I will list out each and everyone and thank them personally. (not in chronological order)

- Peter : Once again, thank you so much for all the excitement that we had had be it with her (you know who) or what. You are one hell of a boss. We should hang out one fine day and drink until god knows how drunk we can be!

- Iz : Nothing much to say, cos i will still see her everyday :p

- Roland : Thank you for listening to my grumbles.

- Ben : Congratulations.

- Ronald : Relax more ... you definitely need it!

- Sham : Although I haven't got the chance to know you better yet, within this 2 weeks, I can really see a very bright future in front of you! Keep it up! Your knowledge is your greatest strength, use it wisely and it will lead you very far. I can't give you much of my 1 cent advice cos I had chosen my path as well but you had made an excellent decision for not leaving. All the best to you.

- Pei See : What can I say to this buddy of mine ... spread whatever that you had been taught. Continue and branch our buddy family tree so that one day I can proudly say that I am the "Thai See Goong" ... hahaha

- Su : I still remember the first day when I went for interview, saw you walking out from the 5th floor office door in the yellow and black hostess uniform, was thinking to myself ... OMG ... she is so PRO!!! Girl ... it really leaves a very deep impression to me. That image still flash in my brain till now! Still, we must go Carl's Junior one of this day.

- Darlina : I was touched by what you had said the other night, the thing that you said that I was always screaming at you out of a sudden, but when you know that I will be leaving, you were actually sad to see me go. To tell the truth, I felt the same as well.

- Tini : Oh well ... I really had a lot of fun working with her. My dinner kaki! After seeing her, I actually realize that when someone is over-stressed, tears will starts flowing! Hehehe ... I still remembers that. Again, I need to apologize for not attending your wedding ceremony. Remember to invite me to your baby shower!

- Sharon : You had been a very positive and patience intern. Great grooming skills! Keep it up!

- Elbert : Ah pek, stop grumbling and nagging all the time. Thanks for being a good colleague and a wonderful friend.

- Ivan : We will still meet up frequently with ah pek, ah boy and ah grant cos remember, am the ah goong of the four brothers !!!!

- Christine : You really had a very positive attitude. Well done! I have no doubts on you! Thank you so much for the precious gift, I will treasure it.

- Michelle : OMG ... whenever I see you, I feel 'malibu'. You always said that you are virgin, I wonder how true is that when you actually knows all the positions. I will definitely miss your laughter.

- Sherlyn : You really need to be more confident! We have faith in you!

- Ichelle : Mrs. Chef, when are you going to get married?

- Jieun : Gamsa hamida ... you really had teach me a lot of korean verbs, like 'pae gu pak', 'pae pu lor' and the ultimate ... 'shi ba ra ******'

- Azman : Make up your mind and work towards your goal. You can really perform if you wanted to, I know that. That's why I always scold and scream at you. I want you to prove a lot of them out there that they are wrong for thinking you are not serious and can't be count on. Still, I felt that previously when I slapped you on your face and you kept saying "I hate you ... I hate you" incident is quite funny!!! Sorry ... hahaha ... no offense.

- Kandiban, Isha, Nur : Good luck in the near future.

- Zalina : Thank you for being there, if you ever need advice, let me know.

- Judion : Just a few advice. 1. Take out those contact lens, it really makes you looks like a zombie. 2. Walk properly, no more catwalks please. 3. Control your temper, it is really irritating. Other than that, you are a nice person and a good worker. My advice is for your own good. Do not take it wrong.

- Hidayat : The mat motor, thank you for your assistance. Actually, you never failed to accomodate all my requests. I really appreciate it.

- Yanie : Break off ... patch back ... break off ... patch back ... haizzzzz ... make up your mind girl.

- Ivoen, Ali, Gen, Benz, Joann, Maria, Shiela, Jeffrey : Welcome on board! Oscar's is really a wonderful place to work. Although it might be stressful and tiring at times, it's all worth it as you have a bunch of wonderful colleagues.

- Sathiya : Ah Ji ... you possess a great personality. Loveable and bubbly. This is the type of people that Oscar's needs. Great to have you here. By the way, when can we play PSP again?

- Jesslyn, Chay Ting : TWINS???!!! Who is ah sa and who is ah gil? Don't have the chance to work with the twins yet. What a pity. Stay cute and all the best.

- Geoffrey : You should be thankful cos you had an excellent buddy. He is really good. Squeeze out all his knowledge and absord it like a sponge. It will help you along the way. Caution: Do not let him touch you!

- Zhen Hong, Er Cong, Sabreena : I will assure you that Oscar's is the best place for attachment. You will realize it when you finally went through all the departments. It's all because of the Oscarians.

- Iris, Thi Ha, Su Han, Win Lwin : Do not think that you are just a part-timer. You guys are part of the Oscar's family! Thank you so much for the support and hard work that you guys had chipped in. Let me know if someone bullies you, I will make sure they will regret it. Chezu tinbade.

Wow... what a long thank you note. If I had missed out anyone, my sincere apologies. Hopefully our path will cross again in the near future. Well, you all should know where to find me lah. Once again, thank you so much for being there. All the best to all of you and take care. Be proud to be an Oscarians!!!

Warmest regards
Edward ^_^

---------------------- Signing off liaozzz ------------------------

Edward Wong'i forgot what i had been taught, but i remembered what i had learned'
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Friday, March 14, 2008

Carlsberg is so NOT for me ....

I was as usual, doing the same old thing day after day! It is really time for me to move on. Am actually counting down to the changes in my career. Part of me is excited and yet the thinking of going o a new place really scare the shit out of me!!! Anyway, decision had been made, just F**K IT!

Happens to browse to a website that my this nonsense blog was linked to. I was quite surprised to see that she actually linked my site to hers! And the best thing is, she describes me as someone who uses Singlish and crappy languages in my blog, hmmmm ... should I feel complimented on that? I think I should cos .... this is ME !!! Still think quite funny when she said that am her number 4 (hey, if YOU are reading this, reconsider your choice cos am definitely better than the number 1, 2 or 3). Wahahahaha ..........

Went out for drinks with some friends from FO. Had a wonderful time. Didn't know that I actually can't take beer anymore cos am feeling a bit high after the session. There are 4 of us and we shared 4 jugs of Carlsberg (am not a fan of Carlsberg though). We talked about a lot of things, we even wanted to go to get some tattoos done soon. Was really looking forward for it cos I wanted a tattoo for so long already. And I think it's time to get it done! ................... >_^