Thursday, June 5, 2008

What is LOVE?

What is love? How does it feels? I wouldn't know because am not that type of person who likes to be tied up. I mean, every now and then, you need to tell that person craps like, I am with this friend and that person, I am now here, going home soon, etc etc ...... BORING !!! Sigh!!! Does that means am not suitable for a relationship? Am I really gonna be alone for the rest of my life? Is there a thing called afraid of commitment? Am confused again. Diew! Diew! Diew!

Anyway, my current vacation inspires me a lot. I witnessed things that really makes me think. The ups and downs of relationship, be it long term or when it just started to bloom. Of course, there is bound to be joys and downfalls. I also realised that the old chinese saying, "不在乎天長地久, 只在乎曾經擁有" does makes a differance in someone's life! At least it happens to me once. Too bad, every wonderful moments never last! OK, enough of this craps! Life moves on!!!

I was totally "trashed" after the trip. First thing, on the day that we are flying back, I was totally wasted after the previous night's party! It was my first time to be in this state. I can't talk much, feels like puking everytime I open my mouth. I was totally f**ked! Luckily, a friend told me to take some Tom Yam soup which according to her, it will help to recover from the hang over. And it does!!! In no time, me being me, start talking craps again! Gosh, am I noisy or what!!! Hahaha

We had a lot of fun this trip! Especially a few occasions where I think it's already carved inside my brain. Now whenever I see "tampons" or smell some dead rat odour, it will reminds me of the fun that we had had!!!! Don't ask me why but only the 3 of us know. I wished that we would have taken more pictures so that I can post it here. I will try to get the pictures from TML and post it here. At least, as a remembrance of the wonderful trip. It was really a FUN x 10 trip. Hopefully, we can organise that again soon.

Yesterday night, had an Oscar's mini gathering. Went to Balcony for a drink, and we met up like 1 am. Dar, Cody (the new trainee chef), Jieun, Boy, Iz, Ly and Grant was there. Later, went for supper at Spize. Had some fun and laughter there.

Well, good times always pass by super fast! I wonder when am I going to have fun again? ^_^

Rak Young Mai Dtong Gaan - Marsha Vatanapanit

nâe jai jing rĕu têe bòk wâa rák rák kon koie jè jer dtàe sìng ráai ráai
Are you really sure in saying love? Loving a person you'd ever met, but only with bad things?
tăam dtua-eng hâi-dee gòn bòk wâa ter róo-jàk dtua-chăn dee rĕu-yang
Ask yourself well before saying, that you knows me. Are you ready?
mâi-koie hŭang-jai rák krai gôr tây táng jai hâi bpai
Never over possessive of your feelings, loving someone you would also pour your whole heart out.
dtàe jè gan mâi tâo-rai yàa maa jing-jang reo bàep née
But we only met for not long, don't come and be serious suddenly like this.
tâam-glaang săeng fai mêut-mua hĕn krai gôr kong dee yòo
Amidst the lights, so obscurely, anyone would also probably seems to be good.
dtông jè gan chát chát doo hâi róo wâa krai bpen krai dee gwàa măi
Should meet up and see clearly, to know who is who, wouldn't that be better?
yàa maa rêng-ráo sà-ròop wâa rák rák yang mâi dtông-gaan hâi dùan rêep-rón
Don't come urging to sum it up as love; love still don't want yet to be urgent and hurried.
kŏr just fun tonight yàa dùan rîak-róng yàa pòok mát dton-née
Ask for just fun tonight, don't urgently demand, don't tie bonds right now.
yàa maa rêng-ráo sà-ròop wâa rák chăn yang mâi dtông-gaan yàa gròht dâai măi
Don't come urging to sum it up as love; I still don't want it yet. Don't be angry about it, can you?
kŏr chill chíll gap ter bpai gòn dâai măi mêua-rài nâe-jai láew láew rao kòi rák gan
Ask to chill out with you first, can we? Whenever we're sure, then we may gradually love.
mâi koie lên-dtua sŏn-jai gôr long kóp gan bpai gòn
I'm never being aloof, interested, then let's try to be friends first.
à-rai mâi nâe-non yàa non-jai loie gàp kon yàang chăn
Whatever you're not certain, don't be nonchalant then, with someone like me.
gôr por sŏn-jai wâa ter gôr er gôr doo dee yòo
I'm also sufficiently interested, that you're also right, also seems to be good.
chûay tòt loie hâi chăn doo wâa jai ter mee dee kà-nàat năi
Please reveal then and let me see, that your heart have virtues to what extent.